Teether Toys - Mommy Ring Teether Necklace

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This beautiful & unique Mommy Teether necklace is all-natural and a perfect organic teething solution. Worn around mummy  or daddy’s neck, this helpful ‘Teether-tool’ gives parents a break from having to deal with dropped and dirtied toys on a constant basis. Handmade with love and craftsmanship in the USA. Tied securely using unique design & professional knots for optimal safety.

Problem! – early teeth typically emerge between 4-12 months which is the height of the carrying and baby-wearing stage

Solution?– wear one of these comfortable and unique necklaces while carrying your baby in a pouch, snuggly, or on your hip. Provides babies with something to twirl and fiddle other than mommy’s hair or jewellery while nursing.        

Necklace length measures 22 ½”.

Materials: 100% Organic Wood and 100% Organic Cotton  

Care: Wipe with damp cloth only, do not immerse in water.

Contains small parts – ALWAYS use as intended with caution and supervision.

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