About Us

Carina, Smudge Kids founder, started the business as a single Mum when her little boy had not long turned one. After struggling to find a good selection of contemporary and stylish choices for her little boy (for some reason boys even more so than girls), that were still within budget and not contributing to the environmental damage of the world her little one was growing up in, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

At Smudge Kids, there is a real emphasis on independent and contemporary brands and brands with a conscience. We are living in a time when fast fashion is crushing our planet and when it comes to little ones, whether we like it or not they grow quicker than their wardrobe! Carina appreciates that Mums want affordable garments, but also garments that are stylish and practical and ideally garments that try and consider the planet we live in, and that has always been at the forefront of her mind when selecting brands and stock for the store.

Every brand at Smudge Kids falls into one, if not all, of the following categories; organic and/or sustainable, independent, family run, ethical and/or charitable. Every day Carina is striving to improve this ethos and endeavours to ensure that all Smudge Kids brands fulfil this criteria without compromising on style and practicality. In addition to this Carina is a firm believer that we should let clothes be clothes and that we should let kids be kids, so the majority of stock at Smudge Kids is primarily not for boys or girls; but for children.

A key focus for 2019 has also been packaging; Smudge Kids Ltd promise to have made all their packaging recyclable by the end of the year. After a recent rebrand, it is important that old packaging is not wasted and so it will be utilised until it is completely gone, but do not fear after that we promise to make:

  • All stickers compostable.
  • All tissue and wrapping paper recycled and recyclable.
  • All postage bags recyclable.
  • All paperwork and invoicing electronic.
  • All marketing materials recycled and/or recyclable.