Free Downloads and Kids Competition!

Free Downloads and Kids Competition!

Free Downloads and Kids Competition!

Right now, I like many of you am at home attempting to home school my 5 year old (and work and clean and exercise and cook and maintain some level of sanity). Some days have been great, some a mediocre mix of outdoor play and "crafting", and some, a complete write off. What is important to remember though is that all of those types of day are OK and, we survived them. We also had some quality time together that we would never normally have had, we "baked" enough crispy cakes to feed a family of 8430429 and we were safe. 

Online resources have been a complete life saver for us during this time and we thought it was time to do our bit. It is only a very small bit, but if it gives you something to do one morning, or 5 minutes to take a breather, then that's something.

A short time before this pandemic put a stop to our lives, we had added new brand Casey Is [ ] to our collections, a brand that celebrates positive affirmation for kids, and encourages them to be who they are, whilst promoting that being kind is paramount, being strong can be for anyone, and being happy is what really matters.

With that in mind, we have some free downloads for you, courtesy of Casey Is [ ]. Download them, print them and then talk them through and discuss why they're important, come up with your own designs, or just colour them in, whatever works for you. We have included three positive slogans and our very own rainbow for you to use.

We would love to see your efforts with these and share that positive creativity, celebrating it at a time when it is more important than ever!

You can check out our Instagram for more info on how to enter our free competition using these downloads.

 Stay home, stay safe, stay strong, be kind, be you and be happy!