Here at Smudge Kids we think we have found a truly wonderful and unique brand, which is why we were more than happy to get it sent all the way from Australia just for you AND we are currently the exclusive UK stockist.

TeetherToys offer a unique selection of organic wooden teething toys that have something that is perfect for every stage of teething.  These organic wooden teethers were created and designed by company founder, Cindy Baker MA, CLE.

Cindy is an infant development specialist who has worked with babies for over 25 years. Combining her expertise and love for babies, Cindy designed these teethers to encourage and promote curiosity, problem solving, and the development of ‘fine motor skills’, which refers to how babies learn and play using their hands and fingers.

We combine an organic teether and a unique baby toy to create the perfect solution for all ages and stages of teething and infant play! Smooth hardwood soothes sore and irritated gums and provides natural relief for emerging teeth, while the interesting combinations of wooden rings and beads keep tiny fingers busy at play. TeetherToys are no ordinary teether.

With TeetherToys, babies develop important early learning skills such as, grasping, reaching, shaking, banging, transferring from hand-to-hand, pulling, poking, pinching and twisting — even the youngest babies will benefit from being introduced toTeetherToys!

Here at Smudge Kids we have 4 of TeetherToys best products available to you…

The Ring Around Rattle

£14.95 and available online HERE

Round Stanley


£18.95 and available online HERE

Natural Ring Stacker


£18.95 and available online HERE

Mommy Ring Teether Necklace


£22.95 and available online HERE


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