Hey everybody,

Welcome to Smudge Kids; the brand, the business, the blog and the “brains” behind it all! As well as our website being the place to shop and find all your Smudge Kids goodies, we will keep you up to date with all the latest news AND we will have, what we hope to be an awesome blog for you all. Here on our blog we will be talking about everything, from parenting tips to the latest trends and everything in between!

For now we just wanted to say Hi and tell you a bit more about us…

Smudge Kids was started by me, Carina, a 28 year old, single, working mum from the Wirral and of course my trusty assistant, Casey John.  Casey John is my 19 month old little boy; my inspiration, my side kick, my assistant, my model, my reason why, my everything. We have had a rough old ride in our first year and a half, but we’ve always been side by side and we are now working together to make us the best future possible and along the way we hope to supply you guys with all the best clothes, toys and accessories we can find!

Having Casey brought to my attention the fact that clothing available for our littles ones is limited, I often found myself struggling to find outfits that worked for us.  There are some beautiful clothes out there for newborns, but the older Casey got the less there was for us to choose from. It seemed to be that my toddler, who up until this point had always been dressed traditionally and in natural fabrics, could either wear tracksuits and slogan, gender stereotyped t-shirts or stiff jeans and chinos that he couldn’t move freely in. The choice for girls was a little better, but still it wasn’t vast. It also struck me that there seemed to be baby clothes up to sizes of between 12 and 24 months and then after that the bigger selections started to become available again from age 4, there was very little available for 18 months to 4 years and what there was was less than ideal. Furthermore I had always been keen to dress Casey in natural fabrics, organic if possible and I have always wanted to champion ethically sourced materials, small businesses or WAHMs, again all of the above was often hard to come by and certainly not readily available on the high street.  The same went for toys; wooden toys, handmade and traditional have always been our favourite, but most high street stores were filled to the brim with plastic toys in masses of packaging.

Prior to having Casey I had set up Smudge Boutique with my family, an amazing ladies fashion boutique with a store in West Kirby and soon to be, Liverpool, following a very successful “pop-up” store in the met Quarter.  I loved my involvement at Smudge and shared a similar view point and attitude, in that unique and quality garments that were fashion forward were aways the favourite.  During my maternity leave and with everything I mentioned above, I started to think, perhaps I can fill this gap in the market for little ones, perhaps I can use my experience at Smudge Boutique to start a new business in kids fashion, perhaps I can use my experiences, my knowledge, my know how and everything that has happened to drive me forward into making a successful business and a better future for me and Casey, whilst providing all of you with the best in the market I can find!  So that is exactly what I did…

At Smudge Kids we have selected what we believe to be the best brands out there, many of which will be exclusive to us in the UK. Most of our brands have been started by stay at home mums or dads, and most use only the best in ethically sourced fabrics. We have brands from all over the world and whilst we stock some traditional brands for all your special occasions, we always avoid gender stereotyping a

nd let clothes be clothes. At Smudge Kids we believe your little ones can look awesome and still be comfortable, we believe your little ones can wear quality fabrics without breaking the bank, we believe that our toddlers can look as cute as our newborns, be as comfortable as our babies, but as care free and active as our bigger kids.

So there you have it, there is a bit more about us and Smudge Kids. High fives to all you other mummies and daddies out there, stay at home ones, working ones, starting a new business ones, poorly ones, healthy ones, happy ones and sad ones, it is not easy being a parent sometimes but it is definitely worth it!

Lots of love,

Carina and Casey



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